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Crafty ways to spend a sick day

It seems inevitable: Kids and germs always manage to find each other. The next time your kids are sick, take that opportunity to teach them the basics about how to keep germs away, such as frequent hand washing and coughing into the inside corner of their elbow. Children’s Advil® can help keep fevers down, and rest and fluids are also a good idea.

Next time the kids are home sick, try these great craft ideas from the More Time to Play Contest. Make bath time a time to clean away nasty germs and get creative with these easy washable bath paints. Then, after bath time, help your child make her own storybook!

Fun Bath time Paint by Paula in Smithers, BC

Paper Books by Taylor in Blue Mountain, Ontario

This is a quiet craft activity to do after they’ve enjoyed a relaxing bath. Consider starting your own library of home-made books that the kids make every time they’re sick. It will make a great collection for them--and you!--to read when they’re older!

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