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When children are sick, it’s our jobs as parents to make them feel better. While you can’t keep kids from getting sick, there are a few things you can do when kids aren’t feeling well.

While children might not feel hungry when they have a cold or flu, clear liquids are always a good idea. Consider low-sodium chicken broth and unsweetened apple juice. If your child has a sore throat, low-sugar freezies are a great way to provide some relief while also providing fluids. Check children’s temperature with a thermometer and use Children’s Advil® to keep fevers down.

Rest is also important when kids are sick so make sure you take breaks throughout the day for kids (and you!) to sleep. Activities to keep kids quiet and restful can include reading, making up stories, and simple crafts.

Ready to amplify your storytelling? These two crafts from the More Time to Play Contest are easy and you just might find your kids asking to do them every time they’re home sick!

Custom Family Puppets

These Custom Family Puppets from Lindsey in Winnipeg, Manitoba, will be a hit. Simply print out pictures of family members that you and your child can quietly make into family puppets. Then use them to tell adventure stories all afternoon!

Upcycled Glove Monsters

You and your child can make these adorable Glove Monster Puppets from Natalie in Toronto, Ontario, to tell stories all afternoon. Let your imagination go wild!

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