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Best Seasonal Crafts

Whatever the season, we’ve got a craft for you! Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, you can make any sick day better with these simple crafts every child will enjoy.

Spring: After a long winter, get ready for spring. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day making cute leprechaun hats and Easter making an adorable garden of colourful tulips.

Summer: Summer means long, sunny days. When kids are sick with a summer cold or flu, make it easier for them to miss the fun outside with these amazing crafts: colourful bike streamers or do-it-yourself construction blocks made out of pool noodles.

Fall: Autumn it’s back to school, which for many families will also mean kids sharing germs. Have Children’s Advil® handy as well as everything you need to make your own craft forest, complete with Fall trees and paper jumping bugs!

Winter: Winter and colds go together like marshmallows and hot chocolate. Be ready for cold and flu season with Children’s Advil® and everything you need to make this winter wonderland, complete with ski slope and snowmen!

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